Face and Body

Body Exfoliation Treatment £45
Facial Relaxing £55
Facial – Express £40

Organic Facial £65

„Beauty & Fitness” 60min/£70 90min/£85 Express Facial & Massage

Goodbye Summer £80 30′ full body exfoliation and 60′ Swedish massage

Butterfly Touch £110 Full body exfoliation, full body mask and full body Swedish massage/ 135′

Sweet Dream £150 Full body exfoliation, full body mask, full body Swedish massage and Express Facial / 120′

Made For Life Head in Heaven Ritual £125 Working on the upper back, head, scalp and face, rhythmic movements are performed to soothe, calm and restore peace. The treatment also includes facial cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising of the face and an intensive head massage routine./90′

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