Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is a rejuvenating and slimming treatment. It involves
the radio waves – (bipolar) alternate high-frequency currents.
The method – recently exclusively reserved for aesthetic surgery,
dermatology and physiotherapy – is now conquesting the cosmetic
market because of the easy treatment performance and its efficiency.
During the treatment, under the influence of an electromagnetic field –
occurs the phenomenon of polarization causing movement and vibration
of ions, atoms, and molecules. The friction of molecules generates
endogenous heat (produced inside) and warms up the tissues selectively
to a temperature of 45–55°C. Under the influence of thermal energy, the
collagen fibers first contract and then tighten. As a result, the regenerating
functions are triggered, the fibroblasts are prompted to act and the
synthesis of collagen and elastin is stimulated. The skin becomes firm
again, the tension and face oval improved. Wrinkles, furrows, and scars get
flattened. Under the thermal influence increases also the permeability of
cell membranes and as a result, the absorption of active ingredients contained in the preparations used by the treatment (radio phoresis).
The RF therapy eliminates the signs of aging but also operates as a prevention
measure affecting positively both the skin’s density and resistance as well.
The radio wave is absorbed by the body in the following sequence:
― fatty tissue,
― skin,
― muscles.
Because of the fact that the fatty tissue gets stronger overheated that the
muscles, the treatments involving the RF are a perfect measure for body
shaping and slimming. Under the influence of the generated thermal energy
– occurs the phenomenon of thermo lipolysis basing on a selective reduction
of fatty tissue by shrinking the cell volume. The very fact of improving the
blood circulation by the operation of the radio waves is, certainly, not without
significance. As a result, the skin is better oxygenated and optimally supplied
with nutrients. With the growth of body temperature by 1°C the metabolism is
being accelerated by 3,6%, thus, the organism detoxification and the lymphatic
system operation are optimized. The above processes boost the cellulite
reduction and skin structure regeneration.
The rise of endogenous temperature stimulates the production of endorphin
(the hormone of happiness) and causes the muscles to relax, which affects
our wellbeing. The Ice RF Gel applied during the treatment generates
an insulation layer, secures the skin cooling, enables an easy massage, makes
the treatment comfortable and safe.

  • improvement of tension and condition of the skin of the face
  • lifting of face and neck
  • flattening of wrinkles
  • oval face improvement
  • elimination of cellulite
  • firming of the skin on shoulders, stomach, buttocks and thighs
    (e.g. after a sudden loss of weight)
  • body-contouring after childbirth
  • burning of adipose tissue

Radio Frequency Body Treatments

Firming the Shoulders £45

Firming the Abdomen £55

Firming the Buttocks £55

Firming the Legs (Thighs) £70

Radio Frequency Facial

Radio Frequency  Eyes Lifting £45

Radio Frequency  Face Lifting £60

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